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You can create free hosted blogs and tubes, using your domain or our subdomains.
You can quickly embed over 100K sponsor hosted videos on the tubes.
You can use plugrush api to generate earnings on both blogs and tubes.
and much more.

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  1. This service is fantastic, unlike other free hosts there is no waiting period and the server is fast and responsive. I can certainly recommend easyxsites to any adult webmaster, new or old 🙂

    • EasyXsites sucks! Nothing works. I have tried for over 2 months to communicate on their forum about issues and bugs they have, and they never follow up or fix anything. Admins on the forum come and go….then the new one asks for more of the same info, they say they it is fixed and it’s not. Same thing over and over!

  2. Guys just because you’re idiots and cant use a software or appreciate the work of that is involved in a project like this doesn’t make it garbage . And bashing on the internet about it just makes you look like a complete idiots .
    Their giving everything for free remember so let them work and improve their project and in the mean time GET A LIFE f*ckin haters and internet trolls..

  3. Hello J & John,

    We are sorry you feel that way towards our service. While it is true that our service has had some problems (it IS in beta), we have now ironed our most of them.

    We have rewritten the way that sites are being created and we are now optimizing the load time of the sites.

    James, thank you for the kind words. It’s people like you that make it worth the effort of building tools like these for the adult community.

    easyXsites now serves over 5000 adult webmasters and has over 7000 websites created. We grow every day and continue to add new features to the system.

    If you have tried us out in the past and found the bugs to be too many and too severe, I urge you to come back and try again – we fixed almost everything and are nearing the end of the beta period. If you have not tried easyXsites.com – now is the time to jump on board!

    – Markul


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